Launched Runablanca 0.04

I am glad to announce the 0.04 version of Runablanca, with the following changes:

  1. A landscape revamp, with new models of vegetation and terrain.
  2. And the sun! Ahh, the sun!
  3. The lake now have a sand beach! So you can now camp by the lake and make a barbecue!
  4. A minimap system.
  5. A register/login system. (BUGGED. DISABLED IN VERSION 0.04b)
  6. A background music.
  7. Jumpimp and landing sounds.
  8. No quests at this time, sorry. I am rewriting the entire quest system and the “found 3 hearts” quests is disabled.

For the next version you can wait for:

  1. A new and complete quest system, with two quests to go.
  2. Other improvements in the landscape.

You can see it all in our download page.


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